Internal Transfer/Promotion Instructions:

Please complete the entire form. Reference checks will be conducted internally. We encourage you to inform your manager of your request for transfer/promotion but it is not required. If you need Human Resources’ assistance in completing the form, please let us know.

The procedure for transfer/promotion from one area to another is as follows:

  • Employees who have the qualifications required to fill the vacancy, passed their last performance appraisal, have not received a corrective action at the final or suspension level in the past six (6) months, and who have been in their position for a minimum of six (6) months (12 months for department manager or higher) are considered eligible for transfer/promotion to other positions throughout the Broward Health.
  • You will be scheduled for any required testing, if applicable.
  • A member of the management staff of the department you are applying to will review all qualified applicants. If you are selected for an interview, you will be notified of time and location.
  • If you are selected for a transfer/promotion, Human Resources will call you to extend a job offer and discuss any change to your salary. If you accept the offer of transfer or promotion, please notify your manager as soon as possible, since this impacts your date of transfer.
  • Applicant/Transfer Job Description Acknowledgement

    All job requirements in the Job Description provided indicate the minimum level of knowledge, skills and/or abilities deemed necessary to perform the job competently. The Job Description is an overview of the duties, responsibilities and requirements for this position. Employees will be required to perform other job-related assignments as requested.

    I have read and understand the functions and performance expectations of the position I am applying for. I am able to perform the essential functions as outlined in the Job Description with or without reasonable accommodations.

    Agree Disagree